Bearing One Another's Burdens

Bearing One Another’s Burdens

I, along with everyone else on this planet, gets down and out from time to time – maybe with a financial struggle or ailment in my body. During that struggle or storm, it’s so easy for me to just sit and focus on my need or situation. It’s natural for us to do that because the struggle can be so overwhelming, right?

Our Thoughts

Our Thoughts I wanted to bring up something today that is really controversial in churches today.  I don’t know why it stuck out in my mind so much but I just want to encourage everyone to guard our thoughts or everything that we allow into our eyes, ears, and minds.  My desire is not to …

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Prepared For The Battle

Prepared For The Battle I wanted to continue on with this general theme of being valuable and loved by God because as a single, Satan used to try to use my being single against me.  He would taunt me and make me feel incomplete, lonely and inadequate. We all know, though, that the devil is …

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Joshua's Decisiveness

Joshua’s Decisiveness

You know, I wonder what Joshua thought when the Lord instructed him to march around the city of Jericho for seven days, seven times on the seventh day, then shout and the wall of Jericho would fall flat.  Of course, the Bible doesn’t say anything and I’m sure Joshua trusted the Lord so much that …

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Moving Heaven and Earth

Moving Heaven and Earth Ever feel like the Lord is trying to get your attention?  Sometimes I will be having a stressful day, things going wrong, etc. and when I can get away for a break, I’ll find myself talking to the Lord or even praying.  I’m not saying that the Lord made my day …

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The Truth About Love of Self

This devotional takes my last devotional’s topic (the Valentine’s Day devotional) a little further and it makes some really good points I wanted to share.  Honestly, for a long time, I never paid attention to the “as yourself” part of the scripture they discuss either.  It’s pretty cool.     We love and appreciate you all, …

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Valued by God

Praise the Lord everyone!          I ran across this devotional (below) that came out around Valentine’s Day.  It’s good and wanted to talk about it even though it’s April.  =)  As singles, we’re always hungry for that relationship – for love.  But we often go into a relationship and try to truly love someone when we …

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