Moving Heaven and Earth

Moving Heaven and Earth Ever feel like the Lord is trying to get your attention?  Sometimes I will be having a stressful day, things going wrong, etc. and when I can get away for a break, I’ll find myself talking to the Lord or even praying.  I’m not saying that the Lord made my day …

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The Truth About Love of Self

This devotional takes my last devotional’s topic (the Valentine’s Day devotional) a little further and it makes some really good points I wanted to share.  Honestly, for a long time, I never paid attention to the “as yourself” part of the scripture they discuss either.  It’s pretty cool.     We love and appreciate you all, …

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Valued by God

Praise the Lord everyone!          I ran across this devotional (below) that came out around Valentine’s Day.  It’s good and wanted to talk about it even though it’s April.  =)  As singles, we’re always hungry for that relationship – for love.  But we often go into a relationship and try to truly love someone when we …

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An Interview with UPCI National Singles Director Debbie Saiz

Recently, we had the privilege of having an in-depth conversation with the United Pentecostal Church International’s National Singles Director, Debbie Saiz. Sister Saiz shared some eye-opening statistics regarding the state of singles in America, while also offering helpful suggestions on how the Apostolic community can reach out to singles in need of fellowship. Sister Saiz’s …

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