Dealing With Fear

  Have you ever been paralyzed with fear – fear of change, a new direction in your life, being volunteered for a project and you have no idea where to start?! Whatever the fear is, it often completely consumes us and clouds our view to where we can focus on little else. Many of our …

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Grace-Filled Speech

‘Tis the season – to be kind.  =)  Of course it always is but sometimes we need a reminder of how powerful words can be – for good and for bad.  Being godly isn’t all about being modest in your lifestyle and dress but in your speech as well.  Matthew 15:11 reads, “Not that which …

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Why Date?

Why Are You Dating? While people in the world have their own dating agendas, we will focus on three of the reasons that many Apostolic people might give for why they are dating. Companionship This is not a “bad” reason to date but, if you really think about it, you may have to admit this …

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