Apostolic Singles Network presents a refreshing alternative to conventional dating sites. Our platform maintains high standards in terms of content and features, consistently aiming to satisfy the needs and desires of our members. We deeply value and actively incorporate our member’s feedback, allowing it to guide the continued evolution of Apostolic Singles Network.

We take pride in offering a vibrant and engaging forum through Apostolic Singles Network, reflecting our commitment to ensuring a superior user experience. Our constant pursuit for enhancement allows us to refine the site’s features and layout, providing a superior browsing experience. We invite you to join our growing community of single Apostolics today.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate an environment, both digitally and in-person, equipped with resources that aid single Apostolic Pentecostals in fostering relationships grounded in faith.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a secure platform where single Apostolic Pentecostals can network, fostering an environment conducive to the building Godly relationships.

Challenge One Another

Apostolic Singles Network is a great place to meet single Pentecostals that have common spiritual ambitions.

Meet New Friends

There's no shortage of fun meeting new and exciting singles from all over the world.

Build Relationships

Helping Apostolic/Pentecostal singles find new and exciting godly relationships is paramount.

Our calling is to help single Apostolic Christians find someone special to share life with.

- Kristin Howell President/Co-Founder, Apostolic Singles Network.

Key Demographics

Gender Distribution

The gender distribution of Apostolic Singles Network is moderately skewed toward women given the global statistical norms of 61% to 51% in favor of women that are actively involved in church/daily prayer.

This is statically important for many reasons, but the glaring truth is that, according to God’s plan, men are to be the head of the home and actively lead the family.

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Single Men

Age Demographics

Ages 18-24
Ages 25-32
Ages 33-41
Ages 42-52
Ages 53-65
Ages 66+

Marital Status

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