John and Kristin Howell

Around January 2004 I had this idea…why not create a website that was totally focused on bringing Apostolic singles together. I didn’t want it to be the typical “dating” site, but a website that functioned more as a resource for singles….with the bonus of finding a “soulmate.”I was living in Florida at the time and found myself desiring to meet someone that I could spend the rest of my life with. Someone that would compliment me and I her. I had done all the typical things to meet girls, even dated a few, but never found that “special” someone.Yes…I even tried online dating. You know, Yahoo, and No luck. I had a couple dates. Killed some downtime, but didn’t find the one.I had been playing around with the internet website building thing and decided, why not, why not build a website that would focus on networking singles together. This way, I could have fun…at least have someone to chat with, and possibly meet someone. Networking with others was cool. So in July 2004, ASN was born…during those early days I made so many friends and got carpal tunnel from typing so much…it was fun though. The nights alone in my apartment were over…I had friends from all over the world to talk to. Friends that knew what I was going through and lifted me up when I needed it.Then this amazing thing happened…Beth, a member of ASN, told her buddy Kristin about Apostolic Singles Network. Reluctantly, Kristin decided to join. Well being the admin, I got to look at all the girls first {big grin}, I thought to myself, “dude, this girl is just fine.” I didn’t think I had a chance, but as the Lord would have it…Kristin and I connected. She needed help uploading more pictures…hmmm? Sure thing doll…I would be happy to help. Next thing you know she is chatting with me in the chat room….started with a question I am sure, but I didn’t care. She could’ve asked me anything.My typing abilities really improved over the next few weeks until I “finally” got the nerve to ask if I could call…you know what, she said yes….OH YEAH BABY, I just about got kicked out of my apartment for yelling “THANK YOU JESUS” repeatedly until I had the cops called on me…JKThe Texas accent I heard on the other end of the phone did me in. From that moment, all my available energy and mental power went into figuring out how in the world I was going to keep from MESSING THIS UP. Kristin lived in Baytown, TX and I lived in Pensacola, FL. It’s all interstate between us and I10 is an inch thicker because of all the tire tread I laid down making the trips.Love had stolen my heart and I didn’t want it back.Well the rest is history…We got married in December 2005 and have been so happy.Apostolic Singles Network made it possible and for that I am thankful.