The Grace of the Lord Jesus is With You

The Grace of the Lord Jesus is With You

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen (Revelation 22:21, NKJV).

The Bible closes with this blessing. It is a summary of all of the blessings that God has promised us. Grace abounding! Divine favor, unbought, unsolicited, and undeserved! The Bible begins and ends with this.

This is the ‘good news’ which the Cross of Christ has made available; the ‘good news’ which remains ‘good’ to the last, unchanged by the lapse of time. The free love of God, coming to us through His Son, has not been exhausted.

This grace has been shown to us in many ways, but mainly in the Cross. The Cross did not originate grace, but it made it a righteous thing for us to receive.

When Jesus said “it is finished” as he died on the Cross, he broke down the barriers that stood between the sinner and the grace. This grace flows everywhere throughout a guilty earth; but its centre is the Cross; and only in connection with the Cross is it available to us.

We accept this grace simply by taking it as it is, and as we are; by letting it flow into us; by believing what God says about it. Grace does not ask us to prepare to receive it, in fact we must be worthless and guilty. If we needed to be anything else before receiving it, grace would be not grace. – Horatius Bonar

Eli’s Reflection: If the grace of God is only accessible to us through the Cross, is the Cross truly the centre of your faith, or have you replaced it with other religious ideas and traditions? 

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Why do I pray this? Why am I sharing this with you? To love is not always so very easy. Sometimes it is so very hard. Sometimes it seems impossible. At times I have been so very mad at God because of my life’s challenges at the time, or because I didn’t get something I prayed for, that I had everything but love in my heart. I had everything but praise in my mind and my mouth. I missed love in my actions. Oh, how wrong I was to be mad at God! I needed to purify myself and love the Lord instead. With all my heart. As He commands us.

Come Back to Jesus!

How about you, friend? May I ask you this? Have you turned from your sins and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Is your life truly devoted to Him? Do you bear the fruit of a life lived for Christ? And, if so, are you taking the love, time, and care daily to tell the world about Him? Are you sold out to Jesus? And to telling people the only way to everlasting life is through Christ?

When God Chooses Your Life

What if you surrendered your life 100% to the Lord Jesus Christ? Not holding anything back? Willing to yield to Him your plans, dreams, agenda, calendar, time, heart, your work life, your social life, your entertainment life, your romantic life, your family life, your travel life, your sports and hobby life, your housing, your plans, your absolutely everything? Would your life look the same as it does right now? Or would it be entirely different? Or perhaps somewhere in between?

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Friend, there is a difference between solitude as directed by the Lord for His purpose and isolating ourselves from others and most importantly from Him. The Lord created us above all else to love and worship and honor and serve Him with all our hearts forever and to love others as ourselves. Our greatest love and intimacy is to be with God almighty through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And our second greatest love and intimacy is to be in relationship with our fellow humans. There is a time and purpose for us to spend time on our own, but never in disobedience to Christ. And never apart from Christ.


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