You Find Grace Everywhere

You Find Grace Everywhere

Oh, how can I give you up, Israel? …My heart is torn within me, and my compassion overflows (Hosea 11:8, NLT.)

The minor prophets are the “forgotten books” of the Bible, yet you will find that even they are filled with the grace of God.

Let me give you their message in a nutshell. It consists of judgment and salvation, of controversy and consolation, of condemnation and comfort. Every message of rebuke in the minor prophets comes with a promise of forgiveness. The mercy of God is the great theme in the writings of each of the minor prophets, just as it is in the New Testament and all the rest of Scripture. Because of our sins, judgment comes. But God intends it to turn our faces from this world to heaven, so we can find supreme good.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the verses from the minor prophets that most resonate with my heart. I pray that they will inspire you as well: Hosea 2:14-15,19,20; 6:6; 11:1,3,48,9; 14:4. Micah 6:36-8;7:8,18-19.

Meditate on the fact that the books of the minor prophets begin with a love story in Hosea chapters 1-3, and then the message of the last book (Malachi) begins with the words “I have loved you” (Malachi 1:2).

Love is always the essence of God’s message to humanity, even in the forgotten books of the Bible. ­ – Des Ford

Eli’s Reflection: The Old Testament contains some odd, and even shocking, stories. Pick one of them. How does it show God’s love and grace? You may need to study this for an extended time. 

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Help Me to Love

Why do I pray this? Why am I sharing this with you? To love is not always so very easy. Sometimes it is so very hard. Sometimes it seems impossible. At times I have been so very mad at God because of my life’s challenges at the time, or because I didn’t get something I prayed for, that I had everything but love in my heart. I had everything but praise in my mind and my mouth. I missed love in my actions. Oh, how wrong I was to be mad at God! I needed to purify myself and love the Lord instead. With all my heart. As He commands us.

Come Back to Jesus!

How about you, friend? May I ask you this? Have you turned from your sins and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Is your life truly devoted to Him? Do you bear the fruit of a life lived for Christ? And, if so, are you taking the love, time, and care daily to tell the world about Him? Are you sold out to Jesus? And to telling people the only way to everlasting life is through Christ?

He Loved Us First

I love the sequence of ideas here. God loved us while we were still in need of washing. God loved us and then he washed us. God didn’t wash us clean and then love us. God didn’t free us from bondage of idolatry and darkness, and then say “Okay, I can stand you now.” He loved us first.

Will You Do This for Me?

Ever done something for someone you really, really, really love not because you wanted to do it, but because you really, really, really loved that person? In fact, something you really, really, re didn’t want to do, but you just couldn’t help yourself? You so very much loved that person that you went ahead and did it anyway? Because it was totally worth the sacrifice when it came right down to it because that person meant so incredibly much to you?


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