I Want to Date a Nice 5th Generation Apostolic

If you have been attending an Apostolic church for any length of time, you may have heard someone say something like “I want to date a nice 5th generation Apostolic.” While there is nothing wrong with wanting to date someone who is firmly grounded in the faith, when you have this “I want a 5th generation girl/guy” attitude, you need to take a step back and see if that would really be the attitude that God would want you to have.

The Bible clearly tells us that those that come in at the last hour are going to receive the same reward as those that started at the first hour of the day. A fifth generation girl or guy is NOT more saved, dedicated or spiritual than someone who found their way to God without the help and guidance of past generations.

The attitude that someone who grew up in the faith is a “better catch” than someone who did not is pure foolishness. The fact is that some “5th generation girls” are rude and haughty. There are also some such girls who are fabulous, kind and generous. On the other hand, there are some who are newer to the faith that would not be fit to bring home to mom and others who would make a wonderful choice for a spouse.

The point is that all that matters is the person that you are considering dating. Their legacy, while nice, often has no impact on the type of person that they are. Each person makes their own decisions and a long legacy in the faith is not a guarantee that the legacy will continue into the future.

There are many FABULOUS pastor’s wives who did not have parents that were in the faith. You would not be able to tell the difference between these pastor’s wives and those who grew up hearing about how their great grandfather was a pioneer of the Apostolic church.

Making “5th generation” something that you look for when seeking a partner will eliminate many of the best possible choices for your spouse. What if God’s perfect will for your life includes a guy or girl that happens to NOT be 5th generation? You could actually miss God’s perfect will by including this rather snobbish requirement.

Some of the most powerful men and women of God were first generation saints. To think that someone with a long family history is somehow “better” is unwise. Instead of being concerned about what someone’s parents or grandparents did, learn all that you can about the spirit and dedication of the person that you want to date.

The family legacy is important in some ways, but this is not one of them. Do not take the chance of missing out on the person that God has for you by putting this requirement on people that you date. Instead, be prayerful, seek God’s face and ask Him to lead you to the perfect person for you – regardless of how many generations their family has been living for God.

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  1. Good article… I agree wholeheartedly… to say you only want to date 3rd, 4th or any generation is putting you in the place of missing God’s will… I am 5 generation… Just give me someone on fire for the lord…