Prepared For The Battle

Prepared For The Battle

I wanted to continue on with this general theme of being valuable and loved by God because as a single, Satan used to try to use my being single against me.  He would taunt me and make me feel incomplete, lonely and inadequate.

We all know, though, that the devil is a liar.  We are not broken as singles but complete, a whole person and perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, working in the church, and making a difference in the world around us.

So guard yourselves and learn how to recognize the devil’s tactics to oppress you and keep you feeling down and vulnerable.  Don’t allow yourselves to be deceived.  Be prepared for the battle!  =)


Lord bless,

Sister Kristin Howell – Apostolic Singles Network


Prepared for Battle – 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Courtesy of “In Touch” Ministries

An unprepared soldier will not hold out against the enemy. Since believers are at war with Satan, we must train wisely so that our heart stays clean and our testimony remains strong. Here, then, is a Christian soldier’s guide to preparing for battle:

  • Soldiers must acknowledge the war. The Bible is clear: the Devil is determined to destroy the saints. For this reason, we must view our life as a battleground (1 Peter 5:8).
  • Soldiers must know the enemy. Satan’s ways and tricks are recorded in Scripture. We know that his words are deceitful—but also very tempting.
  • Soldiers must undergo training. Every day believers have the opportunity to demonstrate their trust in God in at least some small way. This is preparation for facing future decisions or adversity with wisdom and courage.
  • Soldiers must know how to use their weapons. The Word of God is very helpful to combat Satan, encourage the heart, and guide decision-making. Prayer keeps us in touch with our Commander-In-Chief.
  • Soldiers must resist propaganda. Satan will use any worldly means possible to entice us—the media and entertainment industries, educational systems, and false religions are all tools of his trade. Believers must be wise in deciding what to allow into their minds.

A prepared soldier is a believer whose mind and heart are full of the Lord and His Word. The Spirit-filled warrior will be victorious against Satan’s attack.

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