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Praise the Lord everyone!

         I ran across this devotional (below) that came out around Valentine’s Day.  It’s good and wanted to talk about it even though it’s April.  =)  As singles, we’re always hungry for that relationship – for love.  But we often go into a relationship and try to truly love someone when we don’t even really love our own selves.  When we don’t love and respect ourselves we tend to compromise standards, allow others to take advantage of us, and become cheated because we didn’t love ourselves enough to make sure we were treated well.  Maybe we missed out on love and affection from one or both of our parents growing up so we tolerate unhealthy relationships just trying to feel loved.  Maybe inside we didn’t think we deserved to be treated like Queens and Kings because we saw ourselves as rags and unworthy of love and adoration.  We may not be able to really love that person to our fullest capacity either….  We are ALL very valuable, loveable, respectable, cherishable and worthy individuals who deserve to be appreciated and loved.  The person who will recognize your value may not be pounding on your door and they may not pound on it for another 5 years but we can’t go out searching for, trying to force relationships and settling for less than what or who we deserve.  So what if men or women around you cannot see your great qualities – the right person will.  So LOVE YOURSELVES!!  Not with an arrogant heart but just believe in yourself!  Go into your next relationship with a healthy heart and spirit – and don’t settle.  When you believe in and love yourself, you will become more loving and loveable!  Hope you have a great day!!

Lord bless you,

Sister Kristin Howell – Apostolic Singles Network


Valued by God — Matthew 22:34-40

Courtesy of “In Touch Ministries”


           Valentine’s Day always seems like a good time to remind people about the Lord’s love for mankind or our responsibility to care for neighbors and the needy. But the Bible also speaks of another important yet often overlooked type of love–that of self.

           Many Christians are taught to believe that caring for one’s own person is a form of selfishness. Verses are frequently pulled out of context to support this erroneous view. For example, Paul’s remarks about himself use phrases like “foremost sinner” and “wretched man” (1 Timothy 1:15; Romans 7:24). Though these comments may seem disparaging, the apostle is actually glorifying God for the great work done in his life.

           Some also challenge the idea of self-love by pointing to the admonition in Luke 14:26 that a man must “hate . . . his own life” to follow Christ. But Jesus is not promoting hostility; rather, He’s explaining that our allegiance to Him must be absolute, even when such loyalty is costly to us or those we love.

           No scripture implies that the people God created–whether believers or unbelievers– are undeserving of love. Actually, the opposite is true. Jesus demonstrated that every person has value to God. Self-love should naturally grow out of a recognition that we’re precious to Him. Yet somehow, over the years, healthy appreciation of self has been mislabeled as egotism or pride.

           Reverencing one’s own being is not self-centeredness. We’re to care for our body, mind, and soul as treasured possessions given by a God who loves us.

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