Finding an Apostolic Soulmate

Finding an Apostolic “soulmate” is an often asked question

I received an email with the following question today:

“Well this is gonna seem strange, but here it goes, when asking God to send me a wife is it better to just say, ‘God I put it in Your Hands’ and let God pick her for me, not doing anything but wait, or should I pray and ask God to direct me to her?”

This was my response:

What a great question and one that I have had in the past.  Finding my “soulmate” in my 20’s and into my 30’s was a struggle, I didn’t find my wife until I was 34. Many have the opinion that God would send the person to you when you are ready. Here’s what I think, I don’t believe there is a “perfect” person that God has specifically chosen for us. That would imply that God makes personal decisions without our input, and He just doesn’t do that. We are a free will people.

Now with that said, God does give us guidance on who would be a compatible mate and who would not.

To to answer your question, here’s what I did.

  1. I got very clear about what I wanted in a wife. I spent time writing down my wants and desires. I then sorted them into must haves, (example…she must be Apostolic), and nice to haves. This way it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if she didn’t fit every single detail of my wants and desires.
  2. Once I got very clear, I prayed that God would prepare me to receive such a woman. I had some areas that I needed to improve in to sustain a relationship with the “woman of my dreams.”
  3. Since I wasn’t planning on robbing any cradles, I prayed that God would help her (knowing she was already on the planet) be prepared for me.  This comforted me during my search as I knew she was some where and I just needed to find her.
  4.  I started looking. I happened to take looking to another level, in that I created a website to find her (Apostolic Singles Network). ASN may not be right for everyone, but it worked for me and many dear friends that I have. I met Kristin about 1 year later and married her 6 months after that.

Now in the looking, know that there are many wonderful Apostolic women in this world. Many would be a suitable bride. Just remember, that you aren’t looking for a needle in a hay stack, you are looking for a woman that would be a great friend and one that, after having spent some time with her, you don’t want to live without.

I really pray this helps.

Thanks for the question. It was a really great one.

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God is sovereign. Perfectly holy. Perfectly righteous. Perfectly wonderful. Perfectly glorious. Perfect in wisdom. Perfect in knowledge. Perfect in purpose. Perfect in everything right down to the detail. Right down to the location where He wants us. Whether here, or whether there, wherever He wants to send us, wherever He wants us to stay, wherever He wants us to go, wherever He wants us to pass through, to visit, etc. He knows best about everything – right down to our very location in this very moment.


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